Benefits like Brown Rice and Tastes like White Rice

Hand Picked Rice straight way to your dining table!

Health Nation Products undergo scientifically chosen and state-of-art processes that retains naturally packed nutrition and natural texture of food. They are Chemical-free and Minimally Processed to ensure that the food tastes like food and is good for your health & wellness.

The Food We Eat

Latest reports suggest that 70% of Indian population consumes less than 50% of the micronutrients as recommended dietary allowance, which are vital for the functioning and overall health of the body

The Balancing Act

Food is basis of life, and life is about flavours and health . Food can be Healthy or it can be Tasty. If we try to maximise taste, we lose out on health and vice versa. The balancing act is the pre-requisite of good food. A balanced food lets you live fully.

Perfect balance between Taste and Health

Health Nation Balance


Health & Taste Combined

Recommended by Experts

Packed with Wellness


Assists Weight Loss

The only rice that helps you get in shape! Higher amount of proteins have shown to assist in Weight loss.


Improves Physical Health

This rice contains 30% higher protein than normal rice. Helps in muscle formation due to higher Magnesium content.


Fights Ageing

This rice contains higher quantities of Oryzanol and Vitamin E which helps in restoring your natural glow.


Nutrition for Kids

This rice has higher percentage of Natural Iron that assists in improving haemoglobin.Helps in improving concentration for studying.


Growing children have special nutrition needs. Nutrient Rich rice is packed with Proteins , Iron, Magnesium , Vitamin E provides power pack food to supplement their growing need.

healthy gym buddies

Diet Makes or Breaks Gym Goals. Right exercise has to be supplemented by right diet for results. Nutrients Rich rice contains 30% higher protein than normal rice. Proteins supplemented by Magnesium and Iron helps your muscle growth.

healthy yoga

Nutrient Rich Rice gives you power dose of Vitamin B3 and Magnesium.


Premium quality


Health Nation Products are not just food products, they are Wellness Products.
Co-designed with country’s finest Nutritionists, Dermatologists and Wellness Experts, Health Nation Products are good for your holistic health and well-being.

Sonal Taneja &

Dr Prerna Taneja

Founders, Health Nation


Enjoy the delicacies of life!

Combining Taste with Health!