5 Myths About Rice You Need To Let Go Now

5 Myths About Rice You Need To Let Go Now

Rice is one of the most loved staples across the world and goes well with almost all sorts of meats, curries, and vegetables. While cooking rice may look very easy on the surface, this is indeed an art.
Whether you are cooking rice for the first time or for a special occasion, you would not like to
end up with an uncooked or an overcooked rice dish for sure.

Here are the 5 myths around rice that you need to let go:

Myth 01: Rice has Gluten
Myth Busted: Rice is Gluten-Free

Rice is gluten-free and safe for people suffering from a gluten allergy or celiac disease. On the other hand, foods rich in gluten content are unsafe for people suffering from diabetes and on a weight reduction program. Gluten is a naturally occurring substance in most of the food grains like wheat, barley etc. It acts as a binding agent for these food grains. While gluten can be consumed, some bodies may become allergic to it. This can lead to skin allergy (rashes), celiac disease, and wheat allergy.

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Myth 02: Rice can lead to weight gain.
Myth Busted: Rice has very low-fat content.

Rice contains high-quality carbohydrates and is easy to digest. The second major macronutrient in rice is proteins and not fats. Above all, Rice is cholesterol free making It safe for those who are watching their cholesterol and weight.


Myth 03: Rice has no protein.
Myth Busted: As compared to other food grains, Rice has relatively high protein.

Each bowl of rice contains approx. 4 gm of protein, which is high as compared to other food grain. Since rice can be garnished with vegetables, meats and soy-based options, it provides flexibility in terms of the total nutrition on the plate, and taste.


Myth 04: Rice has high salt content.
Myth Busted: Rice contains very low sodium content.

Rice is seldom considered a superfood for people watching their salt intake and diet. Less sodium intake is good for your heart, kidneys and other vital body functions.

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Myth 05: Consuming rice at night is unhealthy.
Myth Busted: Consuming rice at night is good.

Rice has two major qualities, that makes it a reasonably ideal diet for nights. One, it is low in fat; Two, it is easy to digest. Consuming rice with lentils can provide for steady energy during the night. This happens because
rice gets converted into glucose easily and lentils can provide for steady protein-based energy. Thus, making one fall asleep easily.
With the rice-myths busted, it is the right time to stock your pantry with rice and get your rice
cooker out.

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