Proteins: the easiest and most natural way to get healthy hair and skin!

Proteins: the easiest and most natural way to get healthy hair and skin!

Proteins are one of the most crucial macro-nutrient categories we need for growth and proper functioning of many critical body functions. Proteins are the not only the building blocks of muscles, but also critical for skin and hair health. A protein called Collagen provides elasticity to skin and the right amount of collagen in your diet can slow down skin ageing, whereas a protein called Keratin aids hair health and hair regeneration.
While Proteins are made up of “amino acids”, they themselves act as building blocks for muscles, enzymes, and even anti-bodies.

Health Nation presents the Health Benefits of Proteins to aid healthy hair and skin:


1. Growth and Maintenance of tissues

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles, hair, and nails, and provides structure to your body. These fibrous proteins include keratins, collagen, and elastin.


2. Healthy Hair

These proteins not only form tissues, and cartilage but also compose your hair and skin. For instance: our hair is composed of 90% keratins, which are long-chain proteins insoluble in water. The right amount of keratins ensures that your hair can bend, twist, and withstand high temperature without breaking. Keratins make your hair shinier, suppler, and thicker in volume. Keratin deficiency can lead to brittle and non-shiny hair at the least and hair loss and poor hair regeneration at the most.


3. Healthy Skin

One of the biggest sense-organ and covering our entire body and acts as a barrier between the external world and our inner tissues. Our skin withstands daily wear and tear, by getting exposed to pollution and tough external conditions. Which leads to poor skin health and pre-mature ageing.
While we may start with eternal cleaning and care – real skin health starts from inside. Skin is composed of protein building blocks called Collagen, and a healthy intake of collagen along, supplemented with vitamins (A, C, D, and E) and antioxidants can improve skin health naturally and slow down skin ageing.

The following dietary sources can help our body absorb and create the essential proteins for healthy skin, hair and tissues:

  1. Sulphurous foods: foods with a lot of protein, meaning meat, beans and eggs, and also some vegetables like onions, kale and asparagus.
  2. Protein-rich foods: red meat, chicken, eggs, fish, yoghurt and dairy products. Vegetarian options for high protein foods are beans, nuts, quinoa, some varieties of rice, and nut butter such as peanut or almond butter.

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